Work has been undertaken by members of the Newent Local History Society and other volunteers to compile as much information about past residents and family histories in Newent and the surrounding area.

The following link provides an informative pack of information for those wishing to trace their ancestry in the town.

Documents include:
1. Bishop’s Transcripts 1597-1670
2. Parish Register 1672-1766
3. Parish Register (christenings and burials)1767-1813
4. Parish Register (weddings) 1767-1813
5. Oxenhall Parish Register 1665-1739
6. Oxenhall Parish Register 1739-1780
7. Newent wills in The National Archives
8. Newent wills in Gloucester Record Office 1660-1800
9. Newent electoral roll 1831/2
10. Full names index for the book “Chapters in Newent’s History”
11. Rating list Newent Town 1809
12. Rating list Boulsdon 1813
13. Newent men granted Freedom of the City of Gloucester 1641-1838
14. Newent people mentioned in documents in The National Archives

24 Responses to Genealogy

  1. Sallie Richardson says:

    I am researching my Richardson ancestors based in Newent. I was very interested in the information packed described above and would love to know more about this and also the Chapters in Newent’s History book.

    • Sue Sturgeon says:

      My great great grandmother was a Sarah Poytress Born 1812 Tirley a descendant of Christopher Poythress/Poydras/ born Newent 1684 possibly the name Pewdreies was the original name and they resided at Ploddy House which I beleive is still there. Any more information would be helpful.

  2. David Forman says:

    I am researching the Gloster family history and have come across a James Gloucester christened 29 November 1779 in Bombay, Maharashta, India. According to records of the christening in the Oriental and India British Library, James Gloucester and Thomas Bloomsbury were slaves to D Richardson.
    A gravestone inscription at Newent dated 7 October 1829 remembers Thomas Bloomsbury ‘a native of Africa and for … 55 years a faithful servant to the late Samuel Richardson Esq’.
    I see Samuel Richarson is listed on 211(2), 215.
    I also see Anne, Harriet, Henry, Thomas on 211 and James on 215.
    I would like to learn as much as p[ossible about D Richardson and Thomas Richardson mainly in order to find out more about James Gloucester.

  3. Jessica Morris says:

    I am researching Cravens and Underwoods in the Newent area in the 1800′s and 1700′s. My direct Ancestor Harriet Craven was born to Jonathan Craven and Mary in 1808 in Newent, as one of Harriet’s siblings middle name was underwood we suspect Mary’s Maiden name is Underwood. if any one has any information that assist as with our research we would be most grateful.

    Jessica Morris

  4. john h smith says:

    i am researching my family in the newent area with the names of spry and lewis mainly in the 19th century and any information is i live abroad it is not possible to visit .thank you john

  5. wendy says:

    I’m interested to know what information there may be relating to the ‘Husbands’ family who owned cottages and land at ‘Glasshouse’ in the parish of Newent in the 17-1800′s.

  6. Michael Owner says:

    Hi, I hope you can help me trace my ancestors back a little farther. When I was last in the UK in 1998 I managed to visit Newent Church cemetry and found the headstone of my six greats grandfather Joseph Owner, Barber of this town 1680 - 1732. Time didn’t allow me to fully explore the cemetry but I think there must be one or two more generations of this ancestor in Newent.

    A little background, I went to the Crypt School in Gloucester during WW2 and inherited a freemanship of the City of Gloucester some years ago.

    Living in Bermuda means I can’t just jump in the car to visit!

    If anyone can help with this I would be most grateful.


    Michael Owner

  7. DAVID ONEILL says:


    • Dennis O'Neill says:

      Hi David
      My grandmother Laura Jane Johnson ( 2nd Marriage was to James O’Neill my grandfather) she was born Linton Hill 1882. Have quite a bit of info.on family. Is there an O’Neill connection?

  8. cecilia hughes says:

    An ancestor named Alice Harriet Davis, daughter of John Davis was born in Newent in about 1860 according to the 1911 census and later ones. She married a George William Howlett in 1877 in London when her father was recorded as being a farmer. There is no earlier reference to either of them that I can find in census returns or BMD records.

    I would be really grateful if anyone could help.

    • adminmercedes says:

      Hi Cecilia, I have passed your comment on to our local historian, so hopefully he will be able to help. Thank you for your comment.

  9. cecilia hughes says:

    Thanks very much for your help.

  10. David Reynolds says:

    I am trying to confirm that Thomas Reynolds was buried in the Newent cementry 06/04/1861.
    Could someone please check the burial registry and advise.?
    Any other links to Reynolds in Newent would be appreciated.

  11. Jackie Elston says:

    lm researching my father’s ancestors ‘Shott, who lv traced to graves at St Johns Baptist chruch, Aston ingham.lm back to Richard Shott,Beavan Hill,Newent,recorded as horse dealer & farm owner on 1841 now come to a full stop so any info on anything about the Shott family in Newent woud be most helpful.kind regards.Mrs Elston,Worcs.

  12. peter pascoe says:

    I am researching the Daw family. A samuel Daw married Martha Davis at Newent PC on 26.11.1760. How can I find details of their baptisms and parents? Do you have a website I could access? I will appreciate any help you can give me. I live in Doncaster so difficult to visit (born at Bulley in 1934)
    Thank you

    • AdminMargaret says:

      Thank you for your enquiry. I have forwarded it to Martin Brown who will deal with it on his return from holiday.

  13. Val Mellor says:

    I am researching family history, and my fathers family livid in and around the Scarr and Pool Hill area.
    could any one give me some history of how a family settled there and what kind of work would bring them to this area in the first place.
    My 3x GGG grand father born around 1765 Edward Rogers I think livid in the area around this time.Any
    information would help
    Many Thanks

    • AdminMargaret says:

      I have passed your query onto Martin Brown who will be iin touch

      Kind regards


    • ceri says:


      I wonder if we have Edward Rogers in common? Mine was born about the same time. In 1841 he was living with my gg grandparents Merrick in Newent. I have not been able to trace him further back


  14. Maria Hill says:

    I am looking for information on my husband’s great grant father, James Joseph Hill, who was born in Newent around 1878 and ran away to sea we believe at the age of 12 and found his way to Australia. There he worked as a miner in the goldfield and later as a manager of a cooperative store in Kurri Kurri. He married Elizabeth Arbuckle who was of Scottish descent. We know little about his life in England and his family there. I assume the Parish register is not online? Would appreciate if anyone can shed some light on his family in Newent. Regards Maria

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