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Newent's first ever "Newent in Bloom" prize winners will receive their award certificates at this year's Onion Fayre.

Newent's attractive setting, mild climate and fertile soil have always made the area a gardeners' paradise, attracting professional growers and Chelsea award-winning designers alike. However, until this year, local amateur flower gardeners had no opportunity to be recognised for their efforts.

Newent in Bloom's new open gardening competition has changed all that. Categories such as best front garden, best planted container, best commercial premises and best neighbourly effort have seen all sections of the community joining in.

"It's been great fun. Even if they had only enough space for a window box, everyone has had a chance to enter, for free, and show just what they can contribute towards making Newent a prettier place to live, work and visit. Response from the community has been so encouraging that we may enter Newent for Britain in Bloom in 2006" says a spokesperson for the new voluntary group behind the competition.

There is more to the Newent in Bloom project than summer flowers in the town centre however. As well as running the competition, the group has planted displays in public areas, run a �tidy town� poster campaign for children and aims to foster long-lasting improvements to the local environment.

"We want to encourage more young people to get involved and to link in with other local organizations. For example, we are keen to support the ongoing three year project to plant the approaches to the town with native wild flower species. Over 70,000 plants have already been grown by local people and more volunteers are wanted for the planting this autumn" says the spokesperson.

To help with planting, contact Steve and Sally Browning of Hazelfield's, who have spearheaded the verge planting project. Autumn visitors will have an opportunity to see the town at its high summer best.

Courtesy of Newent and District Camera Club, a photographic exhibition of the winning floral displays will be on show in the Memorial Hall on Onion Fayre day, before transferring to the town library for two weeks from 12th September.

Newent in Bloom is part of the Newent Initiative, and would like to thank the many local businesses and organisations which have shown their support.

If you wish to contact Newent in Bloom please call 01531 820671 or 820031, or alternatively email: [email protected].