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Currently there is one supplier of Broadband in Newent.

Loop Scorpio
Newent Broadband supplied by Loop Scorpio has been available since December 2003. This is a wireless system which has proved to be very reliable and currently has 70 customers enabled. Loop Scorpio constantly upgrade their system and prices are revised regularly.

500k both ways (soon to be 2 meg) Line of site range up to 2 miles (soon to be improved) Prices start from 9.50 per month to 29.50 per month inclusive of VAT Installation fee �59 inclusive of VAT (node customers receive free installation)

Local company ensures that most problems are fixed same day www.newentbroadband.co.uk

BT and others
BT has enabled the Newent exchange to carry ADSL broadband. This allows BT and other suppliers to provide Broadband in Newent. The service available would be the 1 meg Broadband product.

BT and others details
Available from June 05
1 meg one way (256k upload) ADSL
Range up to 3 miles (check with supplier for your line suitability) Price please check your supplier www.bt.com