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Newent, a brief history Page 1

'Noent' was first mentioned in the Doomsday Book as a sizeable town, but indications suggest there was a settlement here many centuries earlier, perhaps even in Roman times. Through Roger Earl of Hereford a monastic priory was established in the town which in turn applied to King Henry III to hold a number of fairs and a market.

Dealing in Welsh cattle the market town soon prospered and the Market Hall was built along with a number of similar grand buildings. Many of these buildings were later 'clad' in brickwork, as fashion and the usage of them changed, giving the impression that the town was established at a much later date.

Around the 1600s Royal permission was granted to hold two more fairs each year and the beginnings of industrialisation saw a glassworks, a mill and the first signs of coal mining.

Soon after followed an iron works all adding to an already busy farming community which, was now also diversifying in to the fruit market. The town's wealth at this time was apparent with the construction of many large brick houses and the church being rebuilt in stone quarried from Culver Street.

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